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2022 SUSTech English Contests & "FLTRP · ETIC Cup” English Preliminary English Contests



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In May 2022, the Center for Language Education (CLE) held university-wide English public speaking, reading, and writing contests, which are also the preliminary English contests of 2022 "FLTRP · ETIC Cup.”


Speaking Contest

On Saturday, May 14th, SUSTech students competed in a lively speaking competition on campus. Organized by CLE, this contest represents the preliminary level of the national competition sponsored by FLTRP.


A total of seventeen students competed to produce 7 winners. All contestants delivered strong speeches in responding to the given topic about Ellen Johnson, the former president of Liberia’s inspiring quote about dreams. The grand prize winner was MIN Xuanyi, and the first prize winner was XIA Zihan. These two contestants will be SUSTech’s champions and represent us in the provincial level contest next semester. Second prize winners were LIANG Sida and LI Hengjie. Our 3rd prize winners were WANG Yingshuo, HE Shuang, and LI Jinchen.

Grand Prize Winner: MIN Xuanyi   

First Prize Winner: XIA Zihan



Reading Contest

On Sunday, May 15th, CLE held the SUSTech English Reading Contest on campus. 33 SUSTech undergraduate and postgraduate students participated in the competition.                                                


The 110 minutes contest was a comprehensive examination on contestants’ reading broadness and skills, including logical thinking and reasoning, reading for understanding, information processing and judgment. SUSTech students demonstrated strong English reading ability in this challenging contest. Among dozens of excellent “readers”, 12 students won the SUSTech English Reading Contest. They are: grand prize winner (XIA Zihan); first prize winners (ZHOU Ruijie and XIE Xinran); second prize winners: (HONG Chenxi, JIA Shiying, HE You and LI Qiaochu); third prize winners (WANG Zijie, TANG Shili, YANG Yi, CHEN Qianhui and XU Nan). Further notice about representatives on behalf of SUSTech for "FLTRP · ETIC Cup” provincial level contest will be announced next semester.


Writing Contest


FLTRP Preliminary Writing Contest was held on Saturday, May 21st in Teaching Building 1 at SUSTech. The writing contest aims to select excellent writers for the further provincial and national writing contest sponsored by FLTRP.


Writing contest committee chose the genre of argumentative essay as the writing task for the participant students. Students were encouraged to write their authentic ideas creatively and critically. All participants completed the essay within 90 minutes, and their writings were collected by CLE 2022 Writing Contest Committee for further grading. CLE will announce the winners soon in June.



In the upcoming fall semester, a series of reading, speaking, and writing training workshops will be provided to prepare the preliminary winners for the provincial contests in November, 2022.