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CLE Movie Club: “Gifted”



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If the education for gifted children may be destructive for their psyche, is it better for the child to have a normal education? This is a main theme of the 2017 film “Gifted.” The CLE Movie Club met on April 19th to discuss the film and its topics of raising and educating gifted children. Throughout one hour of discussion, the participants addressed nature versus nurture, as well as cultural differences between China and the USA and other issues.


The CLE Movie Club is an English conversation opportunity for the SUSTech community based on our shared love of film. Operating like a book club, the group will watch the selected films on their own, and then meet to discuss them. Discussions are led by CLE faculty (and movie club founders) Rongrong Dong and Al Evans. During the recent lockdowns, the club met online, and our usual meeting place is in SUSTech’s Yidan Library. We meet about every two weeks during the semester.


Join us for our next film! We will meet on May 10th to discuss “Shoplifters.” This Japanese film is directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. Scan the QR code below to join our QQ group and find out more information about our next meeting.