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Read Latin! New sessions of Latin Club



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On March 25 and April 8, the CLE Latin Club completed two reading sessions. Due to the special situation this semester, the Latin Club meetings were still held online via Zoom. Ten core members attended, learned new vocabulary in Latin, and translated several passages in Latin.

The meeting began with a mini-lecture given by the club coordinator, Ms.Yang Luo, followed by a Read-Out-Loud of Latin passages from the Oxford textbook in which students could comprehend and enjoy the story of the late republic of Rome. After reading through the texts, students were asked to interpret Latin vocabulary, and they translated passages word to word from Latin to English/ Chinese. All students showed great progress in understanding the Latin language and huge enthusiasm to pursue further in this journey to the ancient world.

All SUSTech members are welcome to join the CLE Latin Club. Please scan the QR code of our WeChat group to receive our latest information and learning materials.