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“Sleepless in Seattle” Goes Online



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The CLE Movie Club had a return to its early days. To accommodate the constraints of the pandemic, the club moved to a familiar format, meeting online as it did its very beginning in 2020.


On Tuesday, February  22nd, the film for discussion was “Sleepless in Seattle” from 1993. One of the main points of discussion was how the film is viewed today versus its original reception in the early 90’s. Additional issues examined included Hollywood’s portrayal of romantic behavior for men and women, as well as perceptions of romance here in China.


The CLE Movie Club is an English conversation opportunity. The group functions like a book club. Participants watch the selected movie on their own and come prepared to discuss the film and share their ideas. Come meet with us every two weeks during the spring semester of 2022!


Our next film is Togo (2019). What is the real story behind the 1925 serum run to Nome, Alaska? Why is Balto more famous than Togo? Why are there so many movies about dogs, but not so many about cats?


Join us on March 8th at 7pm online for a chat about Togo.


You can join our QQ group by scanning the code below.