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CLE's "Staff Classes of Second Foreign Languages" Launched in 2022 Spring

2022-02-25  Pageviews:4834

In an effort to provide learning opportunities for more foreign languages to SUSTech faculty and staff, the CLE offers a series of second foreign language classes in the 2022 Spring semester. The classes include Staff Elementary Japanese, Staff Elementary Spanish, Staff Elementary German, Staff Elementary French, and Staff Intermediate French. Except for Staff Intermediate French, all other courses are of elementary level and focus on beginner level language skills, including survival skills, daily expressions, and pronunciation.


The CLE's Second Language Program has got a high recognition in the SUSTech community. Launched in 2019, more than 336 SUSTech faculty and staff from different departments have enrolled in the program and enjoyed their learning of second foreign language with the CLE. In 2022 Spring, the CLE received around 300 applications to register for the courses. The learning needs listed in the application include international cooperation and exchange, literature reading in research projects, communication with international colleagues, and more.


Taught in small-sized classes, the staff second foreign language courses feature active learning and interaction to help faculty and staff acquire a new language in an interesting and effective way, and raise their language proficiency to suit their needs at work.


The mission of the CLE is to empower SUSTech students, including staff and faculty students, to succeed in their academic development and life locally and globally through innovative curriculum and diverse learning experiences. CLE enhances the university’s learning culture development with multi-dimensional foreign language learning resources and environment, as well as supporting the internationalization of the university and contributing to the development of an inclusive and friendly university culture.