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Switching to Live-Streamed Teaching: CLE Teachers Adapt to New Challenges in 2022 Spring

2022-02-25  Pageviews:6291

The 2022 Spring Semester started unexpectedly began with a live-streamed teaching mode due to a new wave of COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen. All courses are delivered in the form of live-streamed classes, where instructors deliver the teaching in the classroom and students participate in classes online. With more than 2,000 students enrolled in over 150 classes, the CLE teachers responded rapidly and adapted to the new conditions with creativity.


Upon receiving the notification of the transition to live-streamed teaching, the CLE carefully reviewed the contingent teaching arrangements to ensure all classes were prepared and delivered. On February 11th, the first All-CLE meeting of spring 2022 was held to discuss and prepare for the leap to online. The CLE Live-Streamed Teaching Guide and checklist were distributed to all teachers during the meeting. Course coordinators from each course teaching group presented their updated semester plans including preparations for live-streamed teaching. Strategies for each course group were then discussed. Tips on live-streaming tools, classroom facilities, Blackboard preparation and more were also shared with the teachers.


Before the first class, CLE teachers set up their virtual course space on Blackboard and provided clear guidance to students about how to participate in the live-streamed teaching activities. The administrative support team and individual teachers visited classroom facilities and tested software needed for classes to ensure a smooth start. Faculty placed a high priority on maintaining effective contact with students via multiple channels.


Live-streamed teaching differs from classroom teaching and requires different approaches, especially for language classes that involve active learning and high interactivity. It requires lots of class preparation, testing, and patience. Despite all the difficulties, CLE teachers have been creative in adapting to this new form of instruction. Over the past two weeks, teachers have continually adapted, identified effective teaching practices under the special circumstances, and actively participated in sharing great ideas and techniques with colleagues.


As the semester continues, the CLE is committed to meeting all challenges with creativity, applying techniques in new ways that are appropriate for the virtual environment.