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Latin Club Guest Speaker Series: Elizabeth Fisher



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Continuing the topic from last week, on December 15th CLE Latin club hosted its second lecture with Professor Elizabeth Fisher on the topic "Women in Augustan poetry of Ovid". Prof. Fisher is a professor of Classics at George Washington University; her research interests Her research focuses upon the survival, reception, and reinterpretation of classical literature through translation and imitation, especially in the medieval Greek literary tradition of Byzantium. The lesson was again delivered online via Zoom, some students also attended in person with Latin club coordinator Yang Luo.

Prof. Fisher first read through a biography of Augustan poet Ovid who was a contemporary of Vergil and was affected by late republican poet Catullus (the protagonist of the previous lecture). Then, she introduced women’s status under the reign of Augustus. With her passionate audience, Prof. Fisher compared and contrasted the living condition as well as public reception of women between the Roman republic and the early Empire.

As usual, the lecture ended with a heated Q&A session as members of the Latin club combined their knowledge from previous lectures with Prof. Fisher’s inspiring talk.

For the next semester, the CLE Latin club will provide more opportunities and guest speaker lectures to enrich student’s language learning experience.