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SUSTech Reader

2021-12-06  Pageviews:3522

The SUSTech Reader concluded its third successful year, with 10 groups of students performing their poetry in both English and Chinese during the Final Competition this past Saturday night.  Poetry places importance on individual words, and in turn, how they are recited gives extended meaning to them; illustrating through enunciation their role within a line or stanza.  Furthermore, patterns in poetry lend importance to the structure by which it was written, transmitting the author's intent, not just where, but how the poem is constructed.

The finalists who preformed at the SUSTech Reader Competition paid heed to the power of words, and through their eloquent, decisive, and measured delivery, were all able to convey the intent of their respective authors, highlighting the themes of Virtue, Truth and Advancement.  Each group (or individual) who presented, did so with authenticity in their voice and emotion in their language, which is something that connects each poem, whether it be about a weeping willow, a long march, or the moon and stars.

The professionalism of each participant gives credence to the hard work and dedication they put into practice, showcased through each of their performances, highlighting the power of poetry through another successful SUSTech Reader!