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CLE Movie Club Newsletter: The Lives Of Others (2006)



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On November 23rd, CLE movie club had a great discussion about The Lives Of Others, an award-winning film that celebrates art, love, and humanity.

We began our conversation with a discussion on characters’ motives in the movie. Many of us were amazed by how quick and effective the director built up the context for the story and drew audiences attention to the characters. Later, we moved to discuss the significance of art in society and how does art influence humanity in general.

This movie brought us a dynamic conversation, we shared various ideas on the themes and enjoyed each others' companion and great thoughts.

CLE movie club meets every other Tuesday night from 7:00-8:00. We'll announce the movie to watch in advance in our QQ group. Enjoy the movie by yourself and come to join our meetings on Tuesday. We are looking forward to seeing you next time.