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2021-06-15  Pageviews:224

Each semester, the TA Teaching Development Program culminates in a week-long series of Teaching Demonstrations, presented by SUSTech Teaching Assistants. This semester, we held another successful program, with 25 different TAs from nine different Schools and Departments across the university giving outstanding Teaching Demonstrations, using English as the Medium of Instruction.

During each presentation, those in the audience not only observed, but provided feedback; an important element which allows for continued development on behalf of all the participants. In addition to peer feedback, a number of professors attended as well, including Dr. Oscar Dahlsten from the Department of Physics, Dr. Jana Hertz, Dr. Raul Ures and Dr. Chen Yimao from the Department of Mathematics, and Dr. Zhang Wenyong from the School of Medicine. All were proud of the demonstrations they observed, a testament to the continued growth and development of young teachers at SUSTech.

This was the third celebration of the TA Teaching Development Program, hosted by CLE Instructor, Matthew Jellick, and we are already looking forward to facilitating sustained teaching skills next semester with and extended program as well.


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