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CLE025. 二十世纪电影 (Film in the 20th Century) (2 credits)

Film in the Twentieth Century is a disciplinary course for SUSTech students who aim to learn the art of film from a historical, theoretical, and analytical perspective. The course will offer: an overview of the development of film art and technology in the West; a review of the work of major filmmakers to date; an interpretation of, and commentary on, the most relevant movies of all times; an explanation of how a movie is conceived, structured, narrated, and delivered to us; a comparison of film with other arts and languages. Students will engage in an academic discussion about the importance and the influence of film across societies and cultures. At the end of this course, students will become fluently conversant about major film traditions and productions worldwide. Additionally, they will be aware of the relationship between art, industry, and consumerism and understand the myth-making process of celebrities and its relationship to society. Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.