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CLE042. The Science of Harry Potter (2 credits)

Lecture, 2 credits, 2 hours per week. Pre-requisites: CLE030 EAP or CLE003 EAP III or GE2000. This course examines the connections between science, magic, and fantasy through the lens of one of the most famous series of fantasy books ever written — Harry Potter. Using the novel, audiobook, podcasts, film, Ted Talks, and scientific essays, this course will develop students’ English through research, discussion, and analyses of both the historical and future connections between the world of science and magic. Questions such as “Could the famous Hogwarts sorting hat be explained through the neuroscience of brain imaging?” and “How can our biological understanding of taste explain Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans?” are just a tiny sampling of how the course will use both fiction and reality to build students’ critical thinking skills as well as English vocabulary, research skills, listening ability, and speaking fluency.