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GE2229. Public Speaking (2 credits)

Globalization in this information age requires that scientific researchers should not only make innovations but also effectively to communicate about their research with others. As Melissa Marshall, a senior lecturer of communication skills to scientists and engineers at Penn State University, states that “science not communicated is science not done,” the importance of improving scientific researchers’ communication skills can never be underestimated. The goal of this course is to promote science and technology undergraduate students’ public speaking skills. With an emphasis on application of content, this course requires students learn to deliver effective speeches and presentations through applying the principles learned in class. Students need to read and comprehend a variety of materials, including video lectures, book chapters, journal articles, academic papers, news, and etc. The course delivery is modified to a blended course format using “flipped classroom” model and integrating MOOCs. The online teaching platform “Sakai” is used for the online components, including each week’s reading materials, video lectures, and discussion questions. Students are required to finish reading and view videos before class meetings, while in-class time is devoted to group discussions and class speeches/presentations. Class assignments include but are not limited to: extensive reading, video lectures, online and in-class discussions, oral presentations, and written reading response. Performance assessment of students will be based on attendance, assignments, class speeches/presentations, and participation.Prerequisites: English for Academic Purposes III or EAP or English for Academic Purposes.