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Each semester, CLE instructor Matthew Jellick hosts an English Book Club for SUSTech Faculty and Staff. Over the course of the past four years, we have read eight different books, each providing a unique perspective into different cultures, as told from the viewpoints of the variety of authors we cover.  From an American man living in China (River Town) to a Chinese woman living in the US (The Cooked Seed) and from an African American woman's experiences in America (Americanah) to an American family's journey to Africa (The Poisonwood Bible), each of the books we read open up discussions into topics which expand our worldview and identity perspectives.

The Staff English Book Club is held each semester, providing a platform for safe discussion about topics which are not often addressed in everyday conversations. With an eye colored by the lens of global perspectives, we look forward to continued opportunities to read and discuss, taking into account our own backgrounds, and applying them in broader contexts.