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CLE Instructor Presents at Conference

2021-08-03  Pageviews:1737

CLE Instructor, Matthew Jellick, recently presented at the Global English Education China Assembly. Matthew's topic was on, "Pedagogical Approaches to Book Clubs" in which he highlighted his experiences over the course of the past five years at SUSTech, hosting Staff English Book Clubs. Looking at things from the perspective of both teachers as well as students, the roles of "Facilitator" (teacher) and "Ownership" (students) were addressed, underscoring the the differences from a traditional classroom setting.

Book Clubs offer a sustainable and interactive way to encourage language development and since arriving at SUSTech, Matthew has hosted seven different Book Clubs for Faculty and Staff. Working in an arena where topics such as gender identity, economic mobility, and racial divides are discussed, the power of Book Clubs reaches beyond topics of core curriculum and encompasses social issues which affect each of us. The presentation to a large audience at the conference acted as a platform to encourage others to use this innovative tool in their own teaching context.