On March 18, the third CLE Workshop@Residential College, “How to Read an English Essay” was given by Prof. Jiang Xianjing, a visiting professor and expert in English language and literature at Teaching Building 1, Room 110. Xu Siqun, the English teacher from the Center for Language Education, presided over this lecture. He introduced Professor Jiang’ s achievements in the study of English literature and encouraged the students to extend their appreciation of language in English essay reading.


In the lecture, after bringing out the definition of “essay” and referring to its etymology in French and Latin, Prof. Jiang recommended a number of world-renowned essayists such as Montaigne, Bertrand Russell, Emerson and Simon de Beauvoir. He also outlined a practical approach to essay reading consisting of author profile, historical and cultural context, organization of material, identification of assumptions, allusions, figures of speech, paraphrase, and conclusion of essays.


In Q & A session, Professor Jiang Xianjing exchanged ideas with the students on how to develop strategies in reading English essays. His lecture was well received by the students. All those who were in attendance showed great interest in the upcoming activities hosted by CLE Workshops@ Residential Colleges.


There will be a series of workshops covering a variety of topics co-hosted by Center for Language Education and residential colleges this semester. we look forward to your continued attendance and participation. Don’t hesitate to join us!